Did you know that if you fail to pay your income taxes for several years, a tax collector can put a lien on your property? If you’re worried about the consequences of a lien on your home, get in touch with the Law Office Of Timothy M. Mauser. Attorney Mauser offers tax debt services in Danvers, MA and the surrounding areas. Your bankruptcy attorney can help you with:

  • Tax representation
  • Tax resolution
  • Debt relief
When you’re facing a property lien and don’t know where to turn, reach out to the Law Office Of Timothy M. Mauser for debt relief services. Call 617-338-9080 now to schedule your free initial consultation. We’ll discuss your situation and how to move forward.

Hire a former CPA for tax debt services

Attorney Mauser is a former CPA, so he has many years of tax resolution experience and a strong understanding of the process. Contact the Law Office Of Timothy M. Mauser today for tax debt services in the Danvers, MA area.